Construction Web Cams

Kronovu Web Cam Services

Time-Lapse Photography


The Time-Lapse Photography (TLP) surveillance system is our most popular system, most commonly deployed in the construction of commercial/ industrial real estate building projects. This system includes automatic archival of captured photos from one or more fixed cameras. The time/date stamped images are viewable via a custom, client-branded, public or private (password protected) web interface. The TLP system includes an automated time-lapse animation feature from user specified periods of construction development. An optional time-lapse project summary video is available on DVD at the end of construction.

Remote Control Camera Surveillance


The PTZ Remote Control Camera (PTZ) surveillance system includes a pan-tilt-zoom, remote-controllable streaming video camera, viewable via private password protected web interface. The PTZ system is most commonly deployed in Tourism and general Marketing applications where image archival or security is not a consideration. One user at a time may control the camera.