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Kronovu Surveillance Services

You build beautiful things. Let's show the world!

Time-Lapse Photography Surveillance System

The Kronovu Time-Lapse Photography Surveillance System has been developed and perfected since 2000. With the advent of high-resolution, digital IP webcams, using the Kronovu system, we allow builders and developers to showcase their projects in the most attractive light possible (even at night!). The Kronovu system is the most elegant and easy-to-use construction monitoring system on the planet. And the resulting time-lapse videos produced by Kronovu are truly a cut above.

In summation, the Kronovu Time-Lapse Photography Construction Monitoring System is "up-to-the-moment" viewing for you and your builder over 12-36 months, and two to three minutes of glory (for you and your constituents and shareholders when they ALL that you built/accomplished).

LIVE, Streaming Video Surveillance

The LIVE, Streaming Video Surveillance System includes a fixed-position, streaming video camera, viewable via a custom, client-branded web interface. This system is most commonly deployed in Tourism and general Marketing applications where image archival or security is not a consideration. Special High-resolution cameras, wide-angle or telescopic lenses are available. System may in some cases be integrated to existing web sites. Simultaneous viewing of 1-100 users supported.

PTZ, Remote-Control Camera Surveillance

The PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom), Remote-Control Camera Surveillance System includes a pan-tilt-zoom, remote-controllable, streaming video camera, viewable on a password protected web portal. The PTZ system is most commonly deployed in Tourism and general Marketing applications where image archival or security is not a consideration. One user at a time may control the camera. We do not use the PTZ cams for time-lapse photography applications because a fixed-position camera provides a higher quality time-lapse video summary.

Digital, High-Resolution Photography Service

The Digital Photography Surveillance System entails onsite photography by one or more award-winning photographers who specialize in construction photography and architectural photography. High-Resolution, digital photos are archived on a monthly or periodic basis in order to capture critical site or structure developments over time. Photos are cataloged on a digital website for the customer and super-high quality, large format prints are produced and delivered at client requested intervals.

All webcam services include: site survey; one-time traditional installation and removal of cameras, web service and equipment lease. Some services require high-speed internet access for optimal performance and 120v power source (within 50 ft. of camera). Camera(s) must be located within 200 ft. of internet access or a wireless internet relay will be required (at additional cost). Additional cameras available for extra.

For more information on any of these photography or webcam services, please call or submit a Project Estimate Request.